Hudson Park & Boulevard Phase I and II 

Hudson Park & Boulevard, an approximately 4 acre system of broad tree-lined parks and open space, will run between 10th and 11th Avenues from West 33rd to West 39th Streets. The Park will extend from West 33rd to West 39th Streets. The Boulevard will extend from West 33rd to West 38th Streets on the east side of the Park and from West 35th to West 38th Streets on the west side, and will be approximately 30 feet wide. The Park & Boulevard will be built in two phases. The first phase was completed in 2015 and is located between West 33rd and West 36th Streets. The second phase, located between West 36th Street and West 39th Street, is currently under design and acquisition.

An amendment to the City Map was filed in November 2006 to establish this new Park & Boulevard system from West 33rd to West 39th Streets

Hudson Park & Boulevard, a fundamental element of the new Hudson Yards district, will help transform the area from a desolate industrial neighborhood to a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly mixed-use district. The Park will be the green center at the heart of this newly created neighborhood. With entrances through each of the newly designed east- west side streets, the Park will provide much needed open space for area residents, workers and visitors. Hudson Park, which will be bordered by the pedestrian friendly Hudson Boulevard, will accommodate both larger paved areas for public events as well as smaller more intimate spots tucked within the shrubs and trees. This environmentally sustainable park will offer a variety of activities ranging from grassy areas for picnicking or tossing a Frisbee to walking paths that meander through the landscape to intimate shady nooks for reading and relaxing. Larger public gatherings and events such as farmer's markets and outdoor movies can also be integrated into the Park. When complete, Hudson Park will become an instant favorite, joining this city's other great urban public spaces like Bryant Park, Union Square Park and Hudson River Park.

The No. 7 Subway Extension will have two entrances in the Park. The principal entrance will be located between West 33rd and West 34th Streets and a second entrance will be located in the Park between West 34th and 35th Streets. New commercial buildings constructed along the Park and Boulevard will also have entrances on the Boulevard.

A world class, multi-disciplinary design team led by Michael Van Valkenburgh Landscape Architects are currently in the process of designing Hudson Park and Boulevard Phase II.

Here are some relevant studies, notices and other documents for Phase II of Hudson Park and Boulevard:

2012 site plan

2012 site plan