No. 7 Subway Extension

The No. 7 subway line, which originally terminated in Times Square, now extends approximately two miles to a new terminus at West 34th Street and 11th Avenue.  The subway tracks will extend beyond the new terminal station to West 25th Street and 11th Avenue to accommodate storage of six trains in order to enhance the operation of the entire No. 7 subway line, especially during rush hour. 

Upon construction of the No. 7 subway extension, nearly the entire Hudson Yards area will be within a ten minute walk of a subway station.  Because the No. 7 subway line is a cross-town line that connects to nearly every other subway line, the Hudson Yards will become easily accessible for residents, commuters and visitors.

The City and the MTA reached an agreement for the funding and construction of the No. 7 Subway Extension in September 2006 with construction commencing in late 2007. Revenue (passenger) service began in September 2015.

Subway Expansion

Subway Expansion

No. 7 Extension Update

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